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Closed-Cell-New-Construction-2Sherwood’s Foam Insulation and Coatings offers many services to homeowners in the Kirtland area to make home improvements and business construction upgrades. We offer our insulation sevices in San Juan County, Northern Arizona, Southern New Mexico, Southwest Colorado, and Gallup—anywhere in the Four Corners Area. No matter what needs you have, we can complete the work for your entire home in one day.

Spray Foam Insulation

Our team of construction professionals applies spray foam insulation to homes and businesses. There are many uses for this home improvement product, including supporting pipes that rattle, bonding rocks together, filling in gaps under roof eaves, securing windows, preventing pests from entering, and much more.

Wall Insulation

We make sure your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer by providing wall insulation. We have a choice of materials including fiberglass, recycled cotton, wool, recycled paper, and more. We can install new insulation, repair and replace worn insulation, and upgrade your type of wall insulation to provide more protection and lower your energy costs.

Roof Insulation

Equally important, Sherwood’s Foam Insulation and Coatings installs roof insulation. There are types similar to wall insulation but used with stronger securing techniques and denser material. Updating your roof insulation to the best and most energy efficient types will keep in heated and cooled air, extend the life of your roof, as well as prevent moisture and leaks.


Our team of construction professionals injects foam for Pagosa Spring homes. Trained applicators insert the foam into existing wall cavities, drilling ½” diameter holes for access. The foam application can be done from interior or exterior of the building. It goes in as a liquid, expands up to 50 times its original volume, and completely fills the cavity. After application, the holes are repaired and sealed.

Pest Control

Sherwood’s Foam Insulation and Coatings uses our products to provide pest control. If you are experiencing an invasion of ants, bees, mice, or other pests, an exterminator has to remove them, but we can prevent them from coming back. Our wide variety of foam products seal them out of your home and keep them from sensing anything that might attract them to your home’s entrances.

Flat Roof Completion and Repair

Our contractors specialize in completing and repairing flat roofs on homes and businesses in Pagosa Springs, along with the surrounding areas. For homes, we repair cracks and loose shingles as well as restore the entire roof or install expert flashing. For commercial buildings with flat roofs, drains can become clogged as a result of pooled water. We clean off these roofs to prevent this and also repair any flat roof on apartment buildings, schools, offices, and more.

Ditch Breaking

Sherwood’s Foam Insulation and Coatings also breaks ditches for businesses and residential subdivisions. This extensive process is a final step in many exterior construction projects. We also modify ditches that need to be drain better, hold more water, or accommodate a larger area. Talk to us about how we can create the ditch you need or improve your exterior drainage system.

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