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injectionfoam_compareSherwood’s Foam Insulation and Coatings offers products for insulation and coatings in the Kirtland, New Mexico area. Any foam application you can dream up, we can do. Foam can be used anywhere in your home or business.

Injectable Wall Foam

We can inject the foam within existing homes and it can also be used in commercial buildings. Sherwood’s Foam Insulation and Coatings has three types of injectable wall foam available. ½ lb spray foam is for sound mitigation, or sound proofing, for rooms such as a home theater.

We also sell 2 lb waterproof foam. This sturdy home construction material does not let any mold grow. It is used in metal buildings because it does not break down. 2lb foam is very rigid and sturdy. Our 3lb foam is harder and denser than the 2lb foam, used on areas most exposed to the elements.

Closed Cell Urethane Foam

Closed cell urethane foam consists of trapped bubbles of gas that form during expansion and cure. They consist of the blowing agent and are permanently locked in place during the curing of the foam. These materials are strong and have a medium density. It is very affective for resisting liquid and retards vapor.


Our insulation company also sells reflective coatings. These can be applied to roofing beams, windows, the exterior of roofs, wall seams, and more. Our coatings are made from ceramic material, keeping out heat, cold, and moisture. Applied quickly and easily with a spray nozzle and hose, these coatings will protect your home and save you money on energy costs.

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